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Aldara. Answers to frequently asked questions

byAdmin 2021-05-04
How to apply Aldara? How long is the course of treatment? How quickly does the effect appear? How do you know if a...
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Actinic keratosis

byAdmin 2021-05-03
Solar keratosis (Actinic keratosis, actinic, senile keratosis) is a precancerous skin condition that develops in...
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Basalioma - "solar" disease

byAdmin 2021-05-03
Basal cell cancer is a malignant tumor of the skin, which is more common in people with fair skin over the age of 40....
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Breast augmentation: drugs and methods

byAdmin 2021-05-03
Do you want to enlarge your breasts by 1-3 sizes? Here you will find a description of drugs for breast augmentation:...
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Androgenic (hereditary) baldness

byAdmin 2021-05-03
The article discusses what causes the most common form of baldness - the so-called hereditary baldness (androgenic...
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Minoxidil: Revived hopes for balding people

byAdmin 2021-05-03
What is Minoxidil? How did it appear on the baldness market? What is the mechanism of its action and effect on hair...
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